Ute Lids & Liners

Ute lids & liners help protect and secure your possessions.

UTE Boxes

TJM’s range of Spacecase storage systems are ideal for keeping your camping & 4×4 equipment free from dust & moisture. These UV stabilised cases are built to military specifications, to ensure a high strength, stackable product that won’t rust or dent. Available in a variety of sizes, there is one to suit any application.

Tailgate Assist

An unwieldy tail gate is nobody’s friend!
Juggling the groceries with the kids running around also presents risk and the need to open or close a 4WD tail gate safely and easily is a huge plus. The Aeroklas Tailgate Assist addresses the issues by damping the majority of the tailgate weight through its uniquely designed torsion bar and gas strut system.

Comprising of two major components, the torsion bar mechanism has been designed to absorb the weight of the tailgate when closing, while the gas strut dampens the opening function. Both of these components will significantly reduce the ‘felt’ weight of open and closing your vehicle’s tailgate by up to 70%. Each Tailgate Assist product is made to be vehicle specific with no drilling required.