TJM Snorkel (Sydney)

Planning on some off-roading? Looking to provide your engine with a better air intake system? Have you considered fitting a snorkel?
Snorkel’s, or raised air in-take as it is also known, provides the vehicle with the ability to take in air from the roof line which is cooler, cleaner and will ensure that the life of your air cleaner, as well as some other major engine components, can be extended.
Most snorkels require some modifications to the vehicle so why not talk to us about fitting it for you?
Here at TJM Parramatta our 4x4 Installation Specialists will do a 5 star job of fitting your snorkel, ensuring any modifications are drawn and traced up perfectly, meticulously waiting for paint to dry and ensuring each seal is perfect so your car will be running smoothly with its new clean, cold air in no time!
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