Dual Battery Systems

TJM Parramatta knows that when you take your 4WD out you need to make sure that all of your electronic accessories are working and not draining your battery while you are at your favorite remote campsite. A Dual Battery System might be what you need, TJM’s dual battery systems are easy to connect to your vehicle a are tough enough to endure any climate.

TJM dual battery stems feature:

  1. Automatic systems that link batteries for charging and isolate batteries for discharging.
  2. Easy installation - no need to change your vehicles wiring.
  3. Use "Start" & "Deep Cycle" Batteries together.
  4. Monitoring voltage of both "Start" & "Auxiliary" batteries.
  5. Prioritizing the charge of the "Start" battery.
  6. Spike voltage protection to EFI and automotive computer systems.

Battery Trays

Your Battery Trays are an important aspect of a dual battery system. TJM battery trays are made from 2mm this steel and are engineered to last. TJM battery trays features strategic folds and MIG welds designed for optimal strength. TJM Battery Trays include sturdy mounting hardware to relocate under bonnet components that may interfere with the positioning of a second battery. TJM battery are electro coated black to increase anti corrosion properties.

Battery Isolator

Automatically charging your second battery is a must for 4 wheel driving or for RV uses, a battery isolator can automatically determine when each batter needs to be charged and when to protect the charge in the starting battery, so you don’t get stuck. TJM battery isolators, unlike most, are solid state; meaning no moving parts that can be damaged from vibration, chatter,


The modern 4WD and RV require batteries with capabilities to start your vehicle as well as run all of your accessories. The modern battery also comes in more shapes, sizes and specifications then ever before, so let our experienced staff help you find the right battery for your electrical system and application.


TJM Parramatta is proud to stock Piranha Off Road Products. Piranha offer electronic system product that are 100% Australian owned manufacturer and offer product including:

  1. Batteries
  2. Battery Trays
  3. Dual Battery Management
  4. Fridges
  5. 12V Accessories
  6. Lighting Products
  7. Piranha Ignition Systems

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